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Please check your vaccination cards


Due to the current lockdown rules and advise from our governing bodies, booster vaccinations are still going ahead for all pets who have not had a booster for 15 months or more. This means that if you pet has not had a booster since December 2019 or earlier then now is your time to come in to the practice.

Please can we ask you to check your vaccination cards today and telephone to book an appointment if this applies to your pet. It is important that cats and dogs boosters do not lapse further than 15 months.

Kitten and puppy primary vaccination courses are available as always.

If you are in any doubt, please call and we will check your pets record.


  • Hi I’m not sure if my pup is due his yearly vaccine or not? Are you able to check please? He has just turned a year old. Barney reddie

    • Hi there, please can you contact the practice directly and they will be very happy to check this for you. Best wishes Louise

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