Arun Veterinary Group

We’re driven by a social responsibility to protect the values that were once the cornerstone of our industry.

We have a duty of care to showcase our exceptional veterinary service, brand and culture to an ever-expanding audience. Through growth and long-term sustainability, we can create more opportunities for vets and nurses who have become disillusioned by corporate change within our industry, allowing them to contribute to a special movement, giving them a true sense of belonging and purpose.
Our mission is one continuous cycle where growth leads to more opportunities, which protects the sustainability of the AVG brand and our traditional industry values. This means reaching more pet owners and communities while also keeping our promise to create a supportive working environment for the present and future veterinarians. Our aim is to build AVG into a brand respected throughout the UK for its deep and unrelenting commitment to supporting the veterinary team.

Success is proactive.
It’s not enough to not sell out.

We have zero intention of standing still or being swallowed up by a big name. By expanding our presence, we can create a safe and fulfilling environment for more vets and nurses to practice what they love doing.

Our vision is to create an encouraging and positive culture where vets and nurses are empowered and inspired to reconnect with their passion, achieve their career ambitions and find a true sense of belonging – all while working with amazing people in amazing facilities. We believe in being kind, looking after each other, and creating a better everyday life for pets and their families.

That’s our motivation for growing the business
– not to sell, but to preserve.

We treat each other and our customers with respect, kindness, empathy and professionalism. We do things right and we deliver a personal service with real care – because that’s how we would want to be treated ourselves.

By upholding the traditional values associated with independent veterinary practices our growth creates new opportunities for vets and nurses who have found themselves disillusioned or have lost faith in their much-loved profession.

After coming from other organisations, AVG is a chance for many to step off the treadmill and take a deep breath. While for others, it’s the first step in their careers. It’s here that people find a true sense of belonging, put down roots, reignite their passion and have a genuine chance to achieve their career ambitions.


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