Arun Veterinary Group

It’s the collective sum that will make us great in the long-term.

We’re creating a modern, vibrant, independent veterinary group where owners work closely alongside colleagues, listening, sharing ideas and taking advice to create an inclusive environment. This provides an opportunity to deliver exceptional, bespoke care.

Our entire ethos comes from a frustration with corporate change erasing the personal nature of veterinary practices. We’re creating a model for a viable and sustainable alternative. And we’re doing this by bringing back the personal relationships and community spirit that were once the hallmark of good vets.

Instead of an anonymous owner structure, we believe practices should be run by committed individuals who enter the business for a love of what they do and see their profession as vocational. In our opinion, owners should be a visible presence, delivering on the values and heritage, and nourishing the soul of the practice.

The benefits of not being under corporate ownership are that we can work
from a longer-term perspective.

It’s our responsibility to preserve our heritage for a future generation of vets and offer stability for everyone involved. Having a consistent leadership that works alongside the rest of the team means even the highest levels of management understand the day to day realities.

We take care of our team through consistent communication, fair compensation, reciprocating their loyalty, and seeing them as passionate individuals rather than resources that are there to be used.

It’s not one individual or even one organisation that makes the difference. It’s the collective few, aligned together, sharing the same values. We have an opportunity – as colleagues, friends and family – to unite against the corporate changes happening in our industry.

If we succeed, we not only improve the lives of our existing team and clients; we also give other vets and nurses the chance to be part of this movement too.

We promise to put the needs of our clients and their pets first –
and to grow AVG for the good of everyone.


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