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Monty the sword swallowing Cockapoo


Well its just as well this young man is devilishly handsome!

We’d like to introduce you to Monty.

Take a look at the photo’s and we probably don’t need to say much more!
Yes, super cute, 8 month old Cockapoo, Monty decided that just before Christmas he’d put his parents through rather an ordeal involving pinching a packet of blades and calmly swallowing a razor blade.

Fortunately his Mum and Dad had eyes in the back of their heads and noticed the moment it happened, swiftly bringing him in to see vet Tom. Xrays confirmed what his owner suspected and there was the blade sitting in his stomach.

Due to the nature of the object, simply making Monty sick would not be advisable so a general anaesthetic and a gastrotomy later, the offending object was removed and Monty was put back together.

Monty recovered very well, preferring to recuperate with his doting family at home. The following day he returned for a check up and we were delighted to see him looking so well and in very little discomfort.

We wish Monty a happy life ahead with no more sword swallowing!

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