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We’re driven to create a better veterinary future.

Our culture is what sets us apart, even from other independents. At AVG, we’re all equal and every voice is heard. Inclusivity and collaboration are key in ensuring everyone feels respected and valued. The equality, kindness and closeness that unites our team also shapes our environment. We treat each other and our customers with respect, kindness, empathy and professionalism. We do things right and we deliver a personal service with real care – because that’s how we would want to be treated ourselves.

The experience we offer is very much customised. In our clinics, care is delivered with a personal touch by professionals who have a genuine bond with pets. Our style, interior design and exceptional facilities stand out a mile in our industry, but it’s our people and values that put us in a different league to most other vets.

However, to understand where we’re coming from today, we should first take you back to the roots of AVG and how the current industry has evolved.

When AVG started in 1972, the world was a different place.

Back then, our original practice stood at the heart of Pulborough village in West Sussex. Towns and villages across the country had local vets just like AVG embedded within their communities. These were family-run practices built on traditional values and personal, long-standing relationships with pets and their owners. 

Even though they existed to care for animals, these were more than vets –
they were places where people felt valued too. 

These small businesses were known for having a strong culture of belonging, where everyone on the team mattered. People often spent their entire careers at the same practice. They weren’t pushed out or worked into the ground. Vets and nurses had a home for life where they were considered not just part of the team, but part of the business. 

There was no mistaking one veterinary practice for another. There was no cookie-cutter culture or interchangeable interiors. Each independent practice had its own unique personality and identity. It was normal for owners to work alongside the team at ground roots level, giving them a personal connection with employees and an inherent understanding of everyone’s needs. Everyone’s voice was heard, everyone was included, and everyone’s ideas counted. 

This might sound idealistic in today’s landscape, but it’s true. Over the years, large corporates have engulfed the vast majority of these practices leaving a dwindling number of independents. These take-overs have eroded and corrupted the values that were once sacred to our profession, leaving behind a disheartened, disillusioned veterinary team devoid of any loyalty and love they once had for their practice. Sadly, many amazing and passionate people, who were once the heartbeat of each practice, lose faith and leave their much-loved profession. Those who remain are forced to accept a very different environment than the one that made them feel empowered and inspired to work with animals. 

We can’t return to the past, but we can learn from it. 

By staying true to our roots, we’re creating a new blueprint for other independent practices today. One that’s sustainable and adaptable enough to thrive in this ever-changing landscape. We are playing by new rules, supported by traditional values. And the stakes couldn’t be higher. 

We believe AVG has a moral responsibility to vets, nurses and pet owners to provide a viable alternative to the corporate movement. To succeed, we need every passionate person left in the industry on our side.

Change happens one day at a time.
One client at a time.
One system and process at a time.

There wasn’t one event that led us
to where we are today

It was sheer perseverance,
a quiet determination.
And taking small steps together.

Arun Veterinay Group

Francis Hunter

1929 – 2013

Francis truly was one of a kind and an absolute honour to know and work alongside. He touched the lives of so many through his devotion to animals, his dedication to veterinary homeopathy and acupuncture, his sense of humour, contagious smile and comforting wisdom. Simply a great man.

Francis you will be greatly missed.

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