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The Coronavirus situation continues to prove to be quite a challenge to us. Once again, we awaited guidance from our regulatory bodies, the British Veterinary Association – BVA and the RCVS – Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in order to then plan the most appropriate means of ensuring we provide our clients with the best possible care. We must emphasise that this is ‘guidance’ information and every veterinary practice will interpret this in a different way based on their available resources (support teams), safeguarding measures and processes in place.

We feel extremely fortunate in that we are now a large independent group and we consist of a dedicated team of bonded professionals who, since March 2020, have worked tirelessly in small bubbles with an amazing degree of goodwill.
The following information acts as guidance only and we must emphasise that every patient will be treated on a case-by-case basis with discretion where appropriate, subject to individual circumstances. Regardless of the situation, we would always encourage you to call us if you have any concerns whatsoever and we will advise you on the appropriate steps to take. If your pet is unwell or injured, however small, we are here for you, we will see you and we have the facilities and teams in place to do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• We have decided to reduce routine appointments such as nurse clinics, booster vaccinations (under 15 months since the previous) and repeat prescription check-ups (the latter are likely to be done over the telephone). These changes will limit the exposure of patients needing to visit the clinic.

• Since March 2020 we have only allowed clients into the building for very limited reasons and this will of course continue until we feel it is safe to do so. This ensures the safety of not just our teams, but you also. Should you need to enter any of our clinics to pay a bill or collect medication then we would ask you to not only wear your face mask but to also use the hand gel at the door and maintain a safe distance from us.

• Face masks must be worn at all times when inside the premises, including our car parks and during consultations with our team.

• We would ask you to remain in your car on arrival and telephone us to alert the team that you have arrived and a vet will come to meet you.

• With the exception of our Ashington clinic, all branches are open and available if you need us. Ashington is temporarily closed to ensure back up numbers of team members are available should one of our hospital teams need to self-isolate.

• Neutering will be booked in on a case-by-case basis – please see below.

• Kitten and Puppy vaccination courses will continue.

These changes will be reviewed on a week-by-week basis.

We cannot emphasise enough how much it is important for us to treat our patients on a case-by-case basis, using discretion when appropriate due to a client’s personal circumstances. For example, a routine neutering for one pet may be more urgent over another, especially for any young cats going outside or a pet living with another. Please do not try and treat injuries or illnesses yourself at home, a simple torn dew claw cannot only be extremely painful but if left untreated, can become infected and be extremely distressing to your pet.

We must emphasise that the veterinary profession is dedicated to the health and welfare of your pet. Please do not worry about the standard of service you might receive as we will always aim to give you the best care we possibly can under the current circumstances.

As always, your support, patience and understanding during these difficult times is hugely appreciated by the AVG family.


  • Thank you for your continued support for us and our oets

    • such a pleasure, thank you for your support

  • Thank you for the updates. It is very reassuring to know that you are there, for our peace of mind when it comes to the care of our pets.

    • So pleased the updates are reassuring. Its so important to feel supported isn’t it.

  • Thank you to all your team for the exceptional care they give, especially in the current circumstances. We’ve needed your services a little more than we would have liked in the past year but everyone has treated us with patience and empathy. Thank you.

    • Thank you for this kind message. We are so pleased we have been able to help.

  • You are all doing amazing job wouldnt go any where else!

    • Thank you very much indeed!

  • Thanks again for all your hard work and regular updates- so pleased we decided on Arun Vet group when we got ZIggy 2 years ago. Nothing but the best care since! Keep safe all of you.

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