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Our team have put together a list of frequently asked questions, which we hope you find useful.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, just phone or email and we’ll be happy to help.

  • Do I need an appointment or can I just turn up?

    You’ll need an appointment. These can be made either at reception or by contacting the practice by telephone. Consultations run from 9am until 7pm.

    Are there parking facilities at the practice?

    Yes, all four surgeries provide parking facilities.

    I work every day, do you offer late night or weekend appointments?

    On Monday to Friday we’re open 8am until 7pm.
    On Saturdays we’re open 8.30am until 12.30pm.

    Do you offer an emergency or out of hours service? Will there be someone on site 24 hours?'

    We have a dedicated on-site emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In an emergency, phone the practice on 01903 746028 and our out of hours team will help. We have the facilities to keep patients in overnight at our Storrington Hospital.

    Does your practice offer house visits?

    To provide patients with the highest standards of care we encourage our clients to visit the practice – but a home visit can be arranged when specific circumstances arise or in an emergency.

    Do you have a practice health scheme?

    Yes, we offer a practice Pet Health Plan so our clients can save money on all the things insurance doesn’t cover. Please visit the Pet Health Plan section for more details or pick up a leaflet from reception.

    Do you treat small animals, birds and exotics?

    At Arun Vet Group we have the facilities and training to care for all companion animals. However, most of our patients are dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and chickens. Birds and exotics such as reptiles and amphibians require expert knowledge and we occasionally need to refer these to specialist centres. Please contact the surgery for more advice.

    My pet is really anxious about new places, how will you keep stress to a minimum?

    Our staff know that minimising stress is extremely important. So, we’ve got a range of actions we can take, from booking your pet in at a quiet time to providing you with a towel to cover their basket. We also encourage nervous patients to visit in between consultation times for a more relaxed, informal introduction to the practice – plus a cuddle and treat from the reception staff.

    Can you perform in house diagnostic tests?

    We have extensive laboratory equipment enabling our team to run many in-house blood and urine screens. For those tests that we can’t do in house, our nursing staff will safely package and send samples to reliable external laboratories.

    Can you perform surgery and are operations only performed on certain days?

    All our qualified Veterinary Surgeons perform surgery based on a daily rota.
    Operations can be booked via the telephone or at the practice. Patients are admitted in the morning and are generally kept at the practice for the majority of the day.


    Will my pet be expected to stay in overnight following an operation?

    Normally your pet will return home the same day following an operation. Sometimes they might have to stay overnight, especially if additional treatment is required. Under these circumstances, the duty Veterinary Surgeon and Veterinary Nurse will be assigned to your pet’s care and you’ll be kept updated. We’ll always discuss whether your pet needs to stay overnight before they’re admitted.

    Can you perform radiography and ultrasonography?

    We have advanced facilities to perform digital x-ray, ultrasonography and endoscopy. We also have comprehensive operating and anaesthetic monitoring equipment.

    Do you offer overnight boarding for animals?

    Under certain circumstances we can board patients overnight before surgery the following day. We don’t offer a boarding service but we can recommend local kennels.

    Do you treat wildlife or strays?

    We work very closely with local charities and organisations to treat stray patients. Although we can provide first aid treatment to wildlife, they require expert handling and are often referred to specialist local centres. Please contact the team if you have any concerns about local wildlife and strays.

    How experienced are the staff? How long have your vets been practising? Are your nurses all registered?'

    Our staff are all very experienced and many have advanced skills in different areas. All our Veterinary Surgeons are registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. We have nine Veterinary Nurses, all are registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Take a look at our expertise and capabilities section to learn more about key team members.

    My dog is nervous around men, can I see a female vet?

    Of course. We have both male and female vets and we always try to book an appointment that suits you and your pet.

    How many branches does your practice have?

    We have four. The main surgery is in Storrington, with branch practices in Pulborough, Westergate and Ashington.

    'Do you offer a repeat prescription service?

    Yes, repeat prescriptions can be ordered by phone with medication usually available 24-48 hours later. To follow recommended guidelines we ask that pets have visited the practice in the preceding 6 months to review their health status and medication before repeat treatments can be dispensed.

    Can I pay by card and or cheque? Do you accept American Express?

    We accept debit and credit cards, including American Express. We also accept cash but no longer accept payment by cheque.

    Do you offer puppy socialisation classes?

    Yes, we offer complimentary evening puppy socialisation classes – which is extremely important for young puppies. It also enables them to become familiar with the practice. Please call for further information.

    Do you run nurse clinics?

    We offer nursing clinics on allocated days. The nurses offer consultations for clipping nails and expressing anal glands at a discounted fee. There are also complimentary nursing consultations for weight, dental, diabetic and geriatric advice.

    What vaccines do you use? What happens if my puppy has already had the first injection at another practice? Are the vaccines compatible?

    Prevention is better than cure and we advise that all patients are vaccinated. The vaccinations we use are made by Virbac. Vaccines aren’t always compatible with each other and it’s important that the ‘primary vaccination course’ involves compatible vaccines. Please contact us to talk about your pet’s needs if they’ve already had the first injection at another practice.

    When the time comes to say goodbye to a pet, how do you ensure compassion and sensitivity?

    It comes from the heart when we say that we understand the sadness associated with losing a pet and the void that’s left when they’re gone. It’s an extremely emotional time and we use all means possible to ensure that ‘saying goodbye’ is peaceful, respectful and tailored to your needs.

    Do you offer home visits for euthanasia of a pet and a cremation service?

    We understand that some families would like their loved one at home when the time comes to say goodbye. In these circumstances and subject to availability of our vets, we’ll always try to visit your house if you want. The team can also organise cremation for you using a local, reliable service. Please call us to talk through your options.

    Do you sort insurance forms, can I make a direct claim? Will I be expected to pay up front?

    We spend a lot of time completing insurance claims for our clients at no extra cost. Direct claims are agreed at the discretion of the Practice Manager and an administration fee will be applied. Whenever practical, direct claims require preauthorisation. Payment of the excess and any extra fees not recoverable by the insurance company will be expected before treatment.

    Do you offer prescription diets?

    We offer a wide range of prescription and life stage diets. Food can be ordered through the practice and is usually available within 24-48hours.

    Who do I speak to if I wish to register a complaint?

    The team is committed to giving you the best customer service. But if you feel we’ve let you down, we always welcome the opportunity to put it right. So please contact the Practice Manager in the first instance and they’ll deal with your concerns quickly and professionally.

    Do you have disabled access?

    All four of our practices provide disabled access.

    Who will be caring for my pet?

    Every member of our team is dedicated to providing compassionate care for your pet. We believe one of the key reasons for the long-lasting relationships we build is our principle of continuity of care. That’s why we’ll always try to arrange an appointment with your preferred vet or nurse, whenever we can.

    How can I be sure my pet will get the best care?

    We’re devoted to our patients, always considering their best interests above all else. Our practice is accredited and checked by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons ensuring that we maintain the high standards demanded by the profession’s governing body.

    Can I get advice about looking after my pets even when they are not sick?

    We understand that pet care doesn’t stop with medical advice. Our team are on hand to provide lifestyle advice for your pets whenever the need arises, We welcome questions and will try to give you all the support you need whilst looking after your loyal companion.

    Can I see the vet of my choice?

    Continuity of care is an essential part of what we and for this reason we will always endeavor to ensure you see either your preferred vet or the same vet following your last visit to the practice.


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